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February 22, 2012
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Another is out! And as always, my loyal subscribers get first view! This one I didn't think up at 4 A.M. so it should make a little more sense.

Ever wonder how Derpy got in the snowglobe? Well now you know.

Time taken: 9 hours total over 4 days

Go check out JoeMasterPencil! He's the one I bought the sbnowglobe vector, and boy did it come in handy!
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Nice fricken job amigo! One of the better animations I've seen. You see, your head movement from side to side was tops. Real good compadre, damn fine! Keep up the grand work. Animations speed was fairly even, if slow.

As far as negatives go, the background was empty, and there was no depth. Add some physics too. hair bobs and what not.
Make the pony bob up and down when walking, light reflections and that stuff too.

Lastly, I just wanna say that this animation is really great. Not just because ponies, but because even if its an amateur (no offense, I do not know!) Its still really great. Congrats my friend!
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Adorable work! Derpy is my favorite pony, so I'll admit I'm a bit biased in this. ;)

Firstly, I think you did a wonderful job on her wings. The animation of them flapping was beautifully rendered, as was the character as a whole.
I was a bit perturbed by the lack of environment, which I feel could've added depth to the story. There were also a couple spots where I felt that you may have been able to use better sound effects and maybe even elaborated on the story a tad, particularly where Derpy loses control of the snowglobe.

As far as storytelling goes, I do wish the pace would've been a little bit slower. A good way to keep yourself from making things go by too quickly is to watch a few random Youtube videos, any at all, and then go back and watch your own animation. When you see it with a fresh palette, you tend to go "Oh, shize, that was fast." It's one of those things that haunts everybody. x3

Overall, I think this idea is super cute. It could really benefit from some animatics/storyboards first, just to keep the storytelling clear for the viewer. Try to make sure every panel is obvious and easy to read.
And for the record, the ending with Fluttershy's song cracked me up and made me squee with joy. Loved that.

Good job!
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i don't get it
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Hell yea, Winderp fixes anything!
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How do you make these?
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